LobbyLab is your partner in the public arena

LobbyLab acts as an intermediary between businesses, organizations and institutions on the one hand and Dutch and European governments on the other.

We provide answers to your questions regarding:

  • Your organization’s strategic positioning and protecting your interests in the public arena;
  • Building and maintaining the relevant networks;
  • Building support for political and regulatory issues;
  • Anchoring lobbying or public affairs positions within your organization;
  • Corporate and public affairs interim management.

LobbyLab’s methods can be described as: transparent, creative and reliable:

  • Transparent: we are honest about the feasibility of your goals, time requirements and budgets.
  • Creative: each of our recommendations is custom-tailored to your needs and we are constantly looking for the twist that will best serve your interests.
  • Reliable: we say what we will do and we do what we say, our services are professional and to the point.
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